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Open Energy Solar Tile Settlement

The deadline to file a claim has expired. No further claims will be accepted.

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about 34 watt solar tiles manufactured between 2007 and 2009. The 34 watt tiles replace conventional roof tiles and provide solar power to the property. They were most commonly sold under the names SolarSave® or SolarBlend™. The lawsuit claims these Solar Tiles are defective and could possibly pose a fire risk. The Settlement includes anyone who:

  1. Purchased or installed Solar Tiles,
  2. Purchased a property on which Solar Tiles were installed,
  3. Rented a property on which Solar Tiles were installed, or
  4. Paid to remove and replace a Solar Tile system.
Open Energy Solar Settlement
Open Energy Solar Settlement

The Settlement will provide cash payments and/or removal or replacement of the Solar Tiles for eligible consumers (including labor and new solar panels for those requesting replacement). If construction permits and/or a new inverter are required to replace your system (under your local building code), you may be required to pay those costs.

Further information about the class action settlement can be found on the Court Documents link on this website, which includes links to the Class Notice and Claim Form.

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